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Mission & Values

Life Comes From It is a first of its kind grantmaking circle where decisions over funding are made by people heavily steeped in restorative justice, transformative justice and indigenous peacemaking. We seek to grow the movement for adopting restorative, transformative, and peacemaking practices throughout our society. We have come together around a shared vision of addressing harm through community solutions, without reliance on incarceration and punitive systems.

We aim to strengthen the foundation of restorative, transformative, and peacemaking practices led by people of color.

Our Mission

Life Comes From It is a grantmaking circle. We support grassroots movement-building work rooted in lived experience and relationships for restorative justice, transformative justice, and indigenous peacemaking.

Funding Values & Criteria


We aim to support projects, organizations and collaborations that embody these values:

  • Commitment to working towards replacing criminalization and incarceration with alternative approaches to address violence and repair harm rooted in community solutions

  • Prioritizing peacemaking development and indigenous initiatives led by Native people

  • Rooting the work in the community’s own culture(s), language(s), place(s), faith(s), and belief system(s) so it reflects the people that engage in it

  • Guided by the wisdom of people, families and communities of color

  • Commitment to anti-oppression practices

  • Supporting the creation of new thinking and language that is holistic, intersectional, interdependent, and liberatory

  • Promoting and sustaining collective leadership, collaboration and partnership

  • Living the values of the work internally and externally to build community and heal harm within and against communities

  • Intergenerational inclusivity - people of all generations: youth, adults, elders are encouraged to apply

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