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Since 2021 our convenings have been held in Mississippi, Maine, Chicago, Hawaii, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, New Mexico, California and elsewhere. Our goal is to host or co-host spaces for people in the four areas we support to interact and build relationships together. 

Oct 2022

During the Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend, we co-hosted the inaugural convening of the Northeast Indigenous Climate Council

2 Day Gathering Prior to NACRJ Conference

July 2022

We brought together 150+ grantees in Chicago for a 2-day Life Comes From It gathering preceding the conference of the National Association for Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ).

Indigenous Peacemaking at Wabanaki 

May 2022

In May 2022 we co-hosted a gathering of 40+ attendees focused on indigenous peacemaking at the Wabanaki cultural and healing center, Nibezun, in Maine. From this gathering, we produced a 3-minute video, titled East Meets West Peacemaking, and a 46 minute one, titled Peacemaking.

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