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Introduce Yourself

Letter or Video of Introduction

We don’t have a formal submission process. Instead, we invite you to tell us about yourselves and your work, in a letter or a video that is no longer than 5 minutes. Tell us why you think you might be a good fit for the Life Comes From It mission. We also request that you include two references and a resume or bio. We are keen to hear from people beyond our current networks.


Please submit your letter or video by via our letter portal here.


Please note: We are discovering that there are many excellent projects, and that our funds and staff are too limited to fund them all or even to respond to everyone. We do promise, however, to read or watch your introduction and to consider it.



To receive a grant, you need to be a 501c3 nonprofit organization or be fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 nonprofit. If you are neither, we can help connect you to fiscal sponsors. Organizations must be based in the United States

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