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'Letter of Introduction'

*** We are not currently accepting Letters of Introduction. ***


To receive a grant, you need to be a 501c3 organization or be fiscally sponsored by a 501c3. If you are neither, we can help connect you to fiscal sponsors. Organizations must be based in the United States.

​You can apply for a grant to support your organization’s work or to support a Network, Convenings and Collaborations that enhance movement building in restorative justice, transformative justice, indigenous peacemaking, justice, healing and soil.

Submission Process

Organizations can submit a letter of introduction through our online platform, letting us know a bit about your organization and how you would use a potential grant from us. The letters of introduction will be reviewed by the Advisory Circle in the fall. After which, we will reach out for more information if we need it.


​The process is simple, please use the online platform to submit your letter of introduction. Organizations are required to answer a few simple questions online. You are welcome to submit a video no longer than five minutes instead of written responses. We also request that you include two references and a resume or bio.

Online Application
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