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Movement Voices

As a grantmaking and movement-building circle, we support grassroots work, led by people of color, in restorative justice, transformative justice, indigenous peacemaking and land-based projects. On this page people in these four fields introduce themselves to you and interact with each other in webinars and convenings. Making connections is central to movement building. 

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We host webinars to celebrate and share the wisdom and experience of practitioners in our work and make their conversations available online. We have hosted or co-hosted several webinars, with more to come. 

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Since 2021 our convenings have been held in Mississippi, Maine, Chicago, Hawaii, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, New Mexico, California and elsewhere. Our goal is to host or co-host spaces for people in the four areas we support to interact and build relationships together. 



We also seek to highlight and share the good works of our grantees and the impact they have in the world. See a growing selection of our growing community of practice.

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