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Learn more about the work and accomplishments of Life Comes From It grantees in the media coverage below.

American Indian Prison Project Working Group

Mar 2021

Check out this in depth profile of Founder, Stephanie Autumn. 

Building Accountable Communities

Created with Project NIA, these videos are part of the Building Accountable Communities Project, promoting non-punitive responses to harm by developing resources for transformative justice practitioners and organizing convenings and workshops that educate the public.


Connect (NYC)'s work on alternatives for intimate partner violence is profiled in this Appeal article


Jul 2020

Nov 2020

  • Launch of a restorative justice program partnership with the DA’s office. 

  • A short promotional video 

Living Justice Press 

 - 2020 -

Sep 2020

  • "Colorizing Restorative Justice," the book supported by Bia Echo, is one of three finalists for an Independent Book Publishers Association award.

  • The Zehr Institute hosted a panel with several authors featured in the book. 

Maine-Wabanaki REACH 

Nov 2020

Oct 2020

  • Longer piece on their truth and reconciliation work here

  • Cofounder, Denise Altvater interviewed on NPR

Native American
Rights Fund

Mar 2021

Sep 2018

  • Featured in this article on “The Return of Peacemaking”

  • Lead attorney’s work profiled

Newark Community Street Team

Mar 2021

Mar 2021



Feb 2021

Oct 2020

  • Featured in the Washington Post

  • Article on new effort, spearheaded by directly Sherrills, to network together community based violence intervention programs around the country.

  • Profiled by CBS, as part of a series about organizations bridging race and class divides in America. 

  • Commentary by Director Aqeela Sherrills, giving an example of how they do their work.

Project Nia

Feb 2021

Check out this review of founder Mariame Kaba’s new book, We Do This ‘Til We Free Us.

Spirit House

Spirit House presented to the Durham city council regarding a mutual aid fund as part of a strategy to address gun violence. Learn more here

Transform Harm is a resource hub about ending violence. This site offers an introduction to transformative justice. Created by Mariame Kaba and designed by Lu Design Studio, the site includes selected articles, audio-visual resources, curricula, and more.

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